Industry Topics

With thousands of people employed in the freight, transport, distribution, shipping and logistics sector in New Zealand, there are always people on the move…….

If you have some new appointments to announce, or changes in personnel, let us know via email, and we will lodge them on these pages. You shouldn’t assume everyone reads the daily press or even the weekly media in New Zealand, so make sure your company doesn’t forget the NZMS Alumni website, when you are making staff announcements. We will be happy to publish them here….

The key publications covering the freight and logistics industry are also good sources of information to ensure you remain current with industry thinking. The New Zealand Shipping Gazette is a reliable “catch all” publication which covers most developments within shipping. For a broader international picture, try to read Fairplay Shipping which gives a global view. Freight, Transport and Distribution magazine (FTD magazine) is more directed at the freight forwarding and air freight community. It too, provides an interesting perspective of the industry as it features longer articles looking at future trends and developments.

Some ports and companies also produce their own newsletters. Whilst these do not have a wide circulation, if you can sight one of these on circulation around your office, this also will help to keep you up to date with appointments and topical issues.?? Transport is so much about world affairs, technology, finance, insurance, geography and climate change as well as the more obvious transport, freight and shipping publications.

Also from time to time, this website may feature topical stories from any of these publications and/or we will update you on industry news including some of the headlines from the national and international media which may be of interest, and have a direct relevance and interest in New Zealand.

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