NZMS Tutors Update

Several hundred years and still counting – that is the record of years of sustained service which the current tutors at the New Zealand Maritime School have delivered to the students over the years.

The NZ Maritime School is unique in that it has a very long serving crew of tutors and support staff. Chances are many of them will have taught you on your way through the school. You may not remember them all by name but click on the links below to get a reminder of who and what.

The New Zealand Maritime School staff has remained remarkably consistent over the past decade or more. Despite massive changes in the shipping and logistics industries, the individual tutors and the operation of the school has remained consistent, delivering high quality training for young people coming into these professions.

NB: For nostalgia’s sake, have a look at this team photograph taken in 1991.  How many faces you can recognise?

P1070403.jpg former staff 1991 smaller

For the record, they are, from left, Linda Clements, Ken MacKenzie, Jan Rine, Brian Whiteman, Rick Hunter, Dave Hope, Brendon Vallings, Paul Sands, Mike Scanlan, Tim Wilson and Mike Penn. In front are Roy Swan and Tim Kershaw.

The current NZMS tutoring team is as follows:- 


Paul Harper


Suki AmirapuChris Barradale

Malcolm Brown

Kees Buckens

Louise Deehan-Owen

Susan Diao

Victor Dundas

Roy Fernandes

Dave Hope

John Lamb

Vaughan Lovelock

Grange Pole

Paul Sands

Alistair Stevenson

David Wardle

Allyson Wood


Rosita Bakker – Administration Manager; Marcia Fontane – Receptionist; Cathy Tomsett – Assistant to the Director; Jayne Stenberg; Monique Knoetze; Vivian Dong.