Photo Gallery – From our Archives

The New Zealand Maritime School has amassed hundreds of photographs of students over the years. Students winning prizes, students on vocational visits to commercial premises, students being students and much more.

Thier archives are substantial and sadly, we can’t publish every photograph but here is a selection. We can’t always caption the photographs completely or even correctly sometimes, so if you recognise your former colleagues and can help with names, years and courses, please get in touch with the website adminstrator.

Contact us if you have the information.

nzms winners with alex and peter and tim corin t with john mac.
Prizewinners from 2000 – Lana Supri, left and Olga Orlov, second from left, with Paul Williams, centre, then NZ Trade Manager with PFL, and Alex Patterson, then Regional Manager of P&O Nedlloyd, and Tim Wilson (NZMS) at right. Corin Taranaki, at left, and at right, Jade Zellman and Sally Cranston, with PFL CEO John MacLennan after the presentation of their awards in 2006.
anna kandola kathy hopkins at dhl with lady
Anna Kandola receives the then P&O Nedlloyd Prize from Dave White, Auckland Manager of the Line in 1997. Kathy Hopkins (at right),receives her presentation from a DHL representative in July, 1998.
rowana borkus prize winner julian joy the nosey parker....
Rowana Borkus received her prize from John MacLennan of Pacific Forum Line in 1997. Everyone wants to know what’s inside those boxes – NZMS Tutor Julian Joy leads the investigation squad for a quiet look at DHL!
rosemary peter andy maria woodcock at dhl
Long time supporters of the NZMS, from left Rosemary Dawson (CBAFF), Peter Carr, independent transport consultant, and Andy Mitchell, from Horizon Shipping. Maria Woodcock receives her 1999 scholarship from a DHL representative.
two students karlene and nat
Samantha Sharp, left and Ivan Fateev, both successful students from the NZMS Freight and Logistics courses. Karlene Woodman, left, and Nathaniel Joy – more successful graduates from the Logistics and freight courses at the New Zealand Maritime School.
208 winner web ready fescopic group
Yan Tan (Cathy), left, has completed her studies at the New Zealand Maritime School in the Diploma in Shipping and Freight, and been awarded the 2008 Quadrant Pacific scholarship of $2000 to assist with tuition fees. She is presented with her scholarship by Joanne McCahill, Human Resources Manager at Quadrant Pacific and Tasman Orient Line, the Alumni sponsors.
Warrick Smith receives the Fesco Line Prize in 2002.  Peter Drew (NZMS), at left, and Craig Landon, then Manager of Fesco in New Zealand are clearly enjoying the occasion and Warrick looks quite pleased with himself too.
2003 prizewinners dallas jones
More prize winners from our records. Chris Bray, and Lujing Wang with NZMS prize sponsors, Simon Kirk of P&O Nedlloyd, (at back), Tim Wilson (NZMS) and at right, Peter Gillon, representing PFL. Was the year 2004? Dallas Jones won the Tasman Orient scholarship for 2007.  Dallas has completed the Diploma in Shipping and Freight  course at NZMS, and additionally holds Diplomas in IATA and FIATA. Dallas currently works at PFL Cargo, the specialised division handling LCL shipments within PFLNZ Ltd. Making the presentation is Ben Huizenga, Commercial General Manager for Tasman Orient Line.
tasman winners cropped  
Tasman Orient scholarship winners, 2004:- from left, Richard Lundie, Ying Ren and Liza Nio with then Tasman Orient CEO Ulrich Stelling.  caption
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