Industry Topics

It is important for foreign-going graduates to keep up to date with New Zealand based industry information and events. Topical issues arise every day in the shipping and transport industries, and these pages provide a forum for a short round up of those topics. We try to give you a selection of headlines from New Zealand and abroad with a definite nautical flavour….

You shouldn’t assume everyone reads the daily press or the weekly media in New Zealand, so make sure your company doesn’t forget the NZMS Alumni website, when you are making staff announcements, new services, industry events and more….. We will be happy to publish them here.

Industry Topics One: Ship tour open eyes of school careers advisers.

Industry Topics Two: Is this Cook’s ship, and if so, who owns it now?

Industry Topics Three: Mounting the tenuous ladder!

Articles prepared from sources including Martin Cox’s Maritime Matters, The Ship and Marine Society, Viking Maritime Recruitment, NZ Shipping Gazette, National Business Review, NZ Herald, FTD Magazine, Ports of Auckland website, and international shipping news, and shipping company websites and sources.