Join the NZMS Nautical Foreign Going Alumni, and enjoy these benefits…

This website has been set up for the former students of the New Zealand Maritime School Alumni. It is a site which will be administered on behalf of former students for former students in accordance with website protocols and best practice.

By signing up and joining the site, which is absolutely free, you have access to the following benefits and services…..

  • A completely safe and secure environment for keeping in touch with former classmates and colleagues from the New Zealand Maritime School.
  • A secure environment for building your own career, using industry recognised qualifications and professionals to guide you along the path to real success.
  • A regular social and business programme which offers opportunities to network at a professional level, building and enhancing your people skills, knowledge, and busines contacts, and stay in touch with hundreds of your colleagues as they move through their business careers.
  • In the members only section, protected by your own password, you are able to review any current positions being advertised, review post graduate learning opportunities and qualifications from within the NZMS and from other professional organisations within the industry, obtain career development advice from industry mentors, review and compete for industry awards, deal with employment issues, and generally enhance your skills and knowledge within the industries you are working in.
  • Our search and find mechanism allows you to find former classmates and establish communication links with them, under the social networking best practice practice and protocols.
  • You can also keep in touch with your lecturers and find out what they are doing or have been doing in recent years. Most of the school lecturers are long serving so chances are they will still be around, and as always, they are happy to hear from you.

The website will only be as useful as members make it, so take the first bold step. Register on the site, build a short profile on yourself, and then start reviewing the site for features and useful contacts.

Visit the Join Up page.