Photo Gallery – From our Archives

The New Zealand Maritime School has amassed hundreds of photographs of students over the years. Students winning prizes, students on vocational visits to vessels and commercial premises, students being students and much more.

The archives are substantial and sadly, we can’t publish every photograph but when we find them, we are happy to lodge them on this website. We can’t always caption the photographs completely sometimes, so if you recognise your former colleagues and can help with names, years and courses, please get in touch with the website adminstrator.

engine room on the bridge of diamond princess

Can anyone help us with caption information for these people NZMS visit to Diamond Princess at Princes Wharf in Auckland. Any names, or years info would be appreciated.

diamond princess bridge visitnautical group

At right: Five award recipients of the Diploma of Marine Engineering course in 2009. From left, James Harris, Nick Sorraghan, Naomis Honiss, Zane Roddick, and Joshua Paine. Zane received the NZ Marine Chargers award for leading engineer officer cadet. Joshua received the DnV award for Engineer Officer Cadet Achievement; James and Nick each recived a NZIMPE award for cadet who demonstrates superior performance in academic and practical shipboard skills, and Naomi was presented with a gift as the first female engineering cadet at NZMS. Still searching for names for the ship visit group at left. 

ships deck visitfire drill

More ship visits, and practical fire fighting experience with Roy Swan (far right) at the Auckland International Airport specialist facility.

graduation classnautical group

2005 Graduation class – some names missing here but so far, from left… unknown; Lars Sorenson (Mate FG), now pilot at Tauranga; unknown, Khushla Draffin (Mate FG) then with BP, now Scotland with Offshore Winds Generation installation; Blair Cluff (Master FG) Master on Geo Bay, HMS Sydney; Amanda Slhe (Master FG – on the ferries?);unknown, Kent Smith (Master FG) Master with Farstad and Geo; James Mariner (Mate FG), sailing on Cook Strait ferries; Catherine Williams (Mate FG), now with HAL; Scott Allan (Mate FG) captain in yachts; Grey Hutchinson, (Mate FG), Master Swire Pacific; Steve Weller (Mate FG) Offshore Platform West Africa; Craig Bennett (Master FG,) on the ferries. At right Kees Buckens looking proud as punch with a class of students.. Any thoughts here about who, what, when, where and why?

student red shirtstudent back jacketstudent back shirt

From left: Matthew Ashworth, Diploma in Nautical Science, working with Maersk, and now Port Otago; Jon Haslar, Diploma in Nautical Science, Second Mate with Swire Pacific Offshore, Singapore – now studying Mate/Master Foreign Going; Raymond Tull, Diploma in Nautical Science.

graduation classsimulator one

Another graduation class, this time 2007 – again some names missing but as follows, from left: unknown,unknown, Khushla Draffin (Master FG, Scotland); unknown, Catherine Swan (Master FG), also won Master of the Year; Mark Kershaw (Mate FG) Mate of the year; SDOP on Crystal Ocean; Mike Littlewood, (Master FG) Mate with Farstad; Grey Hutchinson (Master FG) Master with Tidewater and SWires; unknown, Catherine Williams (Master FG), HAL; Evan Solly, (Mate FG) Mate with NEWA; Steve Gilkison, (Mate FG), won the Worth Trust Award, Mate with Farstad; Scott Allan (Master FG), Master on yachts.    At right: More shots from the simulator – Jazzy Singh, Scott Farrand, Colin Selars, NZMS tutor, and Megan Stewart, in 2007.

simulator twosimulator three

More bridge simulator activity –  Colin Sellars and Megan Stewart at right.

simulator fournautical officers

Jazzy Singh, Scott Farrand, Megan Stewart and Colin Sellars at work in the simulator. At right, on a ship’s visit to the Diamond Princess in 2006, NZMS students, Andrew Coombridge and Audi Teves turn out for inspection.

tobias forsyth  john barker

Left: Tobias Forsyth, deck cadet, junior officer on the QEII, working for Carnival UK, Cunard Line, out of Southampton, UK. Right: Ports of Auckland Harbour Pilot John Barker, graduate of the NZMS with Master Foreign Going qualifications. 

If you can help with any information about these people and the occasions on which the photographs were taken, please contact the web administrator by email, and we can update the website and our records accordingly. Thanks in anticipation.