How to Join the NZMS Alumni

If you would like to join the NZMS Alumni, it is a very simple and quick process… You can register right now on line, and once your membership is confirmed, we will send you an welcome email to get you started.

Simply click here to go to the Join now page. Complete the simple form, with your name and contact details, choose a password of your own making, and then write a short three or four paragraph profile about yourself, starting with your years at the NZ Maritime School and your career moves after that.

This will be lodged on the site in the “members only” section, and will only come up if someone enquires about you. The profile is not compulsory so if you wish to give that a miss, you can still join the site without listing a profile or you can do that at a later stage.

It will take less than 24 hours for your registration to be confirmthree boatsed. Then you will be a bona fide member of the NZMS Alumni, and able to take advantage of all the benefits provided via this website.