Industry Topics

With thousands of people employed in the shipping and maritime sector in New Zealand, there are always something happening of interest……..

We will try to review the main media headlines and stories as they relate to local validity skippers, but if you have some item of news or a new appointment to announce, or changes in personnel, let us know via email, and we will lodge them on these pages. You shouldn’t assume everyone reads the daily press or even the weekly media in New Zealand, so make sure your company doesn’t forget the NZMS Alumni website, when you are making staff announcements. We will be happy to publish them here….

Meantime the stories here and in press room will be a selection of the most prominment topics of interest to the local skipper fraternity….

Industry topics one:  ‘Where yachties come from’ research.

Industry topics two:  The many duties of the Wellington Maritime Police

Industry topics three: Nobody’s faster than disaster!.